Working with plc's in electrical CAD


Easy handling of plc's in electrical CAD

Mitsubishi’s, ABB’s and Omron’s databases, combined with the features in PCSCHEMATIC Automation, makes working with PLC's fast and easy in the electrical CAD software.

Omron, Mitsubishi and ABB have released new databases for PCSCHEMATIC Automation. Because they all wish to be at the leading edge - in simplifying the documentation task as much as possible - the PLCs in the databases have been updated, so that the powerful features in PCSCHEMATIC are being used to full extent.

Easy handling of PLCs with clear survey

In the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation it is easy to keep the survey of the PLCs you use. The electrical CAD software operates with survey symbols for the applied PLCs, so that you get a survey of the individual I/O nodes, their addresses and function descriptions - and you can see where you can find them in the documentation.

When you edit I/O data in the PLC survey symbol, the edited data are updated automatically in the I/O symbols. From the survey symbol you can jump directly to the I/O symbols in the project - and vice versa.

When you double-click on an I/O node in the survey symbol, you jump to the I/O node in the documentation, just as you from each individual I/O node reference can jump to the survey symbol.