Our electrical CAD database makes you very effective



Our databases are different. This is why you save so much time

        Automation gives you a unique database workflow, which saves you lots of time every single day. The unique databases play a major role. 47 leading component manufacturers have created these specially for PCSCHEMATIC.

        Automation has a unique workflow, which automatically handles all article data. This takes effect from the moment you select the first electrical symbol via the component database, to the moment where all of your project lists are updated automatically with component and article data.




Major timesaver

Three main factors make it possible to save so much time:

  • The comprehensive manufacturer databases for Automation, containing both article data and electrical symbols for all components
  • Easy access to finding these components, and placing their symbols in the schematic diagrams - so that the article data from the database remains attached to the symbols
  • Attached article data etc. for the symbols are automatically transferred to the project lists, and to list files which can be forwarded to e.g. purchasing and storage management systems

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