Electrical design CAD overview and details





Get an overview of what you can do in the electrical design software PCSCHEMATIC Automation. For instance drawing electrical wiring diagrams and other electrical circuit diagrams.

At a first glimpse, PCSCHEMATIC Automation might look like any other Windows CAD program. And if you just want to draw a few electrical wiring diagrams, you will learn that the wiring diagrams are created easily - but you probably would not discover why the software totally dominates the Danish market for electrical design software.

The reason behind the success

However, when you take a closer look at the electrical design software, you might understand the reason behind the success:

  • An easy accessible program
  • Comprehensive component vendor databases with electrical symbols
  • Automatically updated lists
  • On-line update of all kinds of project references
  • A project oriented structure
  • Intelligent handling of reference designations
  • Complete electrical diagram subdrawings containing article data for all included symbols, can be dragged directly into the diagram pages
  • A fast development of new functions according to user requirements

All this is followed by a good and reliable hot-line service.

The fact that the electrical design software also supports IEC/EN standards, the user defined import and export of PLC I/O data, the router for automatic drawing of connection lines, the functions for automatic generation of projects, the intelligent chapter facilities, the networks solutions, the house installation facilities and many other features, are only extra advantages for the many program users.


Survey of all project details

One of the things that makes the electrical design software so easy to work with, is its project oriented structure. The term project oriented covers the fact that all parts of the documentation are represented as pages in the same document. Using the built-in page menu, or by clicking on the page or chapter tabs on the screen, you can navigate between the various project pages.

The project oriented structure in PCSCHEMATIC Automation contains all parts in the electrical documentation in the same document.
This is supported by strong overview facilities, which gives you control of the project data. Projects can be divided into chapters with individually updated lists and tables of contents.

Beyond the control circuit and main circuit diagrams, you will here find pages for mechanical layouts, components and parts lists, and any other types of lists. Mechanical symbols can be loaded, and graphical terminal, cable and connection plans can be generated automatically from the electrical schematic diagrams.When you need to find components in a project, you can search on all types of texts in the project, or view a list of all project symbols or texts, specifying their position in the project. Clicking on the symbol/text/page automatically displays the object you clicked on.The design check function identifies drawing errors in the project.

PCSCHEMATIC Design check


Supports IEC/EN standards

The program developers have strongly emphasized supporting IEC/EN standards in the documentation. These standards are used as electrical design drawing standards in the European Union (EU) and many other countries. Therefore the symbol library follows the IEC/EN 60617 standard, and the program supports reference designations according to IEC/EN 61346. When you copy an area, the naming standards in the area is analysed, and if the terminals in the area are named according to IEC/EN 60204-1, 14.2.1 (Conductor and Cable runs), the terminals in the copy will be renamed according to this standard. However, it is important to note, that the structure of the electrical design software is so open, that it can also support any standard you might choose to create or follow.

Electrical follow IEC standard