This is application-oriented diversity:

6 enclosure types in 4 materials and more than 100 sizes.


• Fibreglass-reinforced polycarbonate

• Cast aluminium

• Sheet steel with high-quality coating

• Stainless steel

The major success of Rittal compact enclosures is based on three key advantages:

1. Rittal mass-produced quality with triple surface treatment (phosphating, electrophoretic dipcoat-priming and powder coating).

2. Materials, sizes and variants are tailored to all major requirement profiles.

3. Superior value for money and virtually unlimited solution diversity thanks to Rittal system accessories.

Simply outstanding – everything fits for years to come:



Be it automation, communications or power supply technology, Rittal offers the correct enclosures and cabinets to suit virtually all requirement profiles in modern industrial technology. Of course, these are also available in stainless steel for extremely high standards of corrosion protection.

The platform meets all expectations of a modern network or server rack. Tool-free interior installation, maximum load capacity and structured cable management for universal use as a corridor distributor or in the data centre. The perfect equipment to suit any climate control concept: Solid glazed door for high-performance server applications with refrigerant- or water-based LCP cooling or vented doors for room air-conditioning

ES, the free-standing enclosure with firmly linked side panels. 
TS 8, the Top enclosure system, a system platform for individual tasks. 
Every enclosure, with all-round accessibility, is a specialist – however particular the task in hand.

Rittal Hygienic Design pursues four main aims: 
• Higher productivity through greater system availability 
• Reducing the amount of cleaning required (faster cleaning, reduced energy requirements, reduced use of chemicals) 
• Superior product quality and greater durability by reducing the contamination risk, which in turn helps to avoid production losses 
• Improved protection for both consumers and employees 

Under ATEX, the requirements placed on EX enclosures for use
in explosion hazard atmospheres are high.
For this reason, Rittal refuses to compromise in this area. Enclosure concepts proven a million times over are tailored to the specific Ex requirements. 
The results is a series of empty enclosures providing ideal conditions for applications in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries, in the offshore sector
and in the foods industry.