APEX (SILAS) Pressurized Cabinet



The need for complex automation functions for processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas sectors is constantly increasing.
Flexible, reliable and low-maintenance solutions are required for measurement, control, regulation and visualisation, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Complete control systems and switchgears, drives, pumps, large displays and industrial monitors, including keyboard and printer, must be prepared for use in Ex areas. The Ex p pressurised enclosure is one of the most flexible Ex solutions for many applications.

This type of ignition protection makes it possible to operate non-ex-capable devices in potentially explosive atmospheres in Zones 1/21, 2/22. The idea behind this is to prevent a potentially explosive atmosphere from entering a sealed protective housing by generating constant overpressure compared to the surrounding atmosphere.

BARTEC offers an Ex solution for controlling and automating devices, machines and systems in Zones 1/21, 2/22 in the form of the pressurised enclosure Ex p systems. Depending on the application, non-Ex-protected control units and switching devices, as well as complete automation systems, are installed in the housing. Modern, ready-for-operation Ex solutions – including the required ATEX or IECEx certification – are created on the basis of BARTEC‘s modular, ATEX-certified pressurised enclosure. The overpressure as a result of the purge gas is produced by compensating for the leakage losses. The pressurised enclosure solution is designed for a large range of ambient temperatures in temperature classes T3 to T5.

The main focus is on maintenance and availability of Ex devices and systems. The experts at BARTEC have many years of experience in explosion protection applications and in designing complete systematic solutions for automation. This expertise is the basis for developing reliable and efficient solutions, from engineering, manufacturing and procurement, through to commissioning and approval.

The Ex p solutions are designed from sheet steel or stainless steel, with air conditioning, with different coatings, seawater-resistant or drip-resistant, depending on the application.

Customized Solutions
BARTEC offers customized, pressurized solutions for:

  • Devices
  • Printers
  • Operator terminals
  • Control units
  • Frequency converters
  • Monitors

Optionally available from BARTEC various solutions to the climate of Ex-p systems:

  • Operating heating
  • Standstill heating
  • Air cooler
  • Air-conditionier
  • Water-air cooler

Technical Data

Protection class Up to IP 66 acc. EN(IEC 60529 (Applikationsabhängig)
≥ IP 4x acc. EN/IEC 60079-0
Dimensions Protected volume: max. 17300 dm³
Material Stainless steel, coated sheet steel
Die-cast aluminium, plastic (separately certified)
Pressure Pressure range: 0 to 25 mbar
Purge gas pre compression: 1 bis 25 bar
Operating pressure: 2 bis 4 mbar
Purge pressure: 1 bis 20 mbar
Purging time 0 to 120 Minutes
Rated voltage max. 10 kV
Rated current max. 10 kA

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Operating Instructions – APEX (SILAS) Pressurized Cabinet

Data Sheets

Data Sheet – APEX (SILAS) Pressurized Cabinet for Zone 1/21 or 2/22