ComEx control switch 4-pole

Rail-mounted installation for Zone 1
  • Contacts with positive break operation
  • Latched and momentary-contact positions


This control switch has been designed to solve the variety of problems encountered in chemical and petrochemical plants and on explosion-proofed electrical machinery. Four switch contacts as opening and closing elements in different permutations permit a variety of functions. The opener has a positive break operation. The switch actuator offers latched and momentary-contact positions with different switch positions. The control switch can be installed quickly and directly into double or triple ComEx enclosures, or in combination with other command devices in control units.

Technical Data

Material Thermoplastic
Contact material AgSnO2
Installation on TH 35 x 7.5 mounting rail
Voltage see data sheet
Current see data sheet
Connection Terminals 2.5 mm², fine stranded

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Operating Instructions – Control switch

Data Sheets

Data Sheet – Control switch, installation module, 4-pole