ComEx Switch module 4-pole

Rail-mounted installation for Zone 1
  • Contacts with positive break operation
  • High flexibility
  • Easy installation


The ComEx 4-pole switch module can be used in almost all potentially explosive areas where machine functions need to be triggered by a button or a switch. ComEx switch modules are flexible in use and offer a range of actuator elements. All contacts of the switch module are selfcleaning, and NC contacts have positive opening. The conductor is connected using terminals with increased safety on the back of the module. The simple installation of the actuator elements without tools guarantees the high IP protection type. The 4-pole switch module can be installed quickly and directly into double or triple ComEx enclosures, or in combination with other command devices in control units.

Technical Data

Material thermoplastic
Contact material AgSnO2
Installation on TS 35 x 7.5 mounting rail
Voltage see data sheet
Current see data sheet
Connection terminals 2.5 mm2, fine stranded

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Operational Instruction – Switch module 4-pole


Operational Instruction – Installation Kit 05-0091-0273

Data Sheets

Data Sheet – ComEx Switch module, 4-pole