Ethernet / LWL T-Coupler

Ethernet based for zone 1/21
  • Bridging of great distances
  • Noice-immune signal transmission
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Fiberview for fiber optic ring monitoring


The Ethernet LWL – coupler reroutes the PROFINET from copper conductors to optical waveguides. The coupler is a passive bus participant and are suitable for hazardous areas of zone 1 and 21. In plants, the LWL – coupler allows the bridging of great distance with PROFINET without noice interference. The electronics for the signal conversion are accomodated in the flameproof MODEX enclosure. Transmitter and receiver for the LWL-coupler are intrinsically safe headed. The intrinsically safe control transmitter and receiver of the electronic system guarantee that the transmitter rate does not go beyond maximum value limits.

The Ethernet PCB transmits all types of Ethernet data, including Profinet packets.

Technical Data

Protection class At least IP 20
Structure Clip-on enclosure to TH 35
Dimensions see data sheet
Material High-quality thermoplastic
Storage temperature -40 °C to +70 °C
Weight 600 g
Display LED Green: Operation indicator (ON)

LED green: Connection existing
LED yellow flashing: Data transmission

FV1 and FV2:
LED Red: No connection
LED Red/green=yellow: Light output borderline
LED Green: Connection OK
LED green or yellow flashing: Data reception

FV = Fiberview
L/A = Link/Activity

Voltage Supply voltage: DC 20 V to DC 30 V
Power dissipation max. 3,0W
Bus interface Bus input/output:
4 wire ethernet with screw terminals
LWL input/output:
ST Optical fibre plug-in connectors

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Data Sheets

Data Sheets