Heat Shrink Technology PSB/MSB/HSB

Heat shrink connection and splice for self-regulating heating cables
  • Silicone-free connection
  • Space-saving solution
  • Under insulation applicable


The heat shrink method is a tried and tested technology for connecting heating cables to the supply voltage or to other heating cables. This is done at the TSK kit using the butt connectors contained in the kit. The HSK kit is applicable using the BARTEC heating system junction boxes. The end termination is also realised in all kits using heat shrinkable tubings.

Technical Data

Nominal voltage max. 277V
Nominal curent max. 32 A
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +85 °C (PSB)
-40 °C to +130 °C (MSB)
-40 °C to +190 °C (HSB)
Min. Installation temperature -40°C
Protection class IP66
Type 4X

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

  • Installation Instructions PSB

  • Installation Instructions

Data Sheets

Data sheet