PLEXO TCS - the plug-in connection system for PSB and MSB systems

Under insulation cable to cable and cable to power splice for trace heating cables. Plug and socket design for easy maintenance
27-59P.-.01 / 27-1100-….
  • Quick and easy installation, with standard tools
  • Component of the PSB and MSB system approval
  • Own system approval with PSB and MSB heating cable
  • Cross-section of connection terminals up to 4 mm²
  • Integrated strain relief: high electrical and mechanical safety


PLEXO TCS modular connection technology provides a simple and safe way to connect, splice or teminate electric trace heating systems.
The PLEXO TCS connection system can be used for BARTEC self-regulating heating cables. The PLEXO TCS may be used both as an autonomous system with the heating tape or as part of the PSB and MSB system.
PLEXO TCS is pluggable, using a patented sealing and clamping technology.
Maintenance work and later modifications of the heating circuit can be performed quickly and flexibly. The strands from the heating tape or the supply cable are locked in place securely using spring-loaded terminals.

Technical Data

Rated voltage max. 254 V
Max. breaker rating PSB / MSB: 32A, C-Characteristic
Protection class EN 60079-0: IP 65
EN 60529: IP 66/IP 68
Service temperature range -60 °C up to +160 °C
Rated cross-section max. 4 mm²
Min. installation temperature -55 °C
Cold cable diameter range 9 mm DA ≤ 10 mm
10 mm DA ≤ 12 mm
12 mm DA ≤ 14 mm
14 mm DA ≤ 16 mm

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Installation Manual PLEXO TCS – ATEX / IECEx

Data Sheets

Datasheet PLEXO TCS – ATEX / IECEx