Coupler / Repeater / Gateway DP/IS for zone 1/21
  • Time flow refresh signal
  • PROFIBUS coupler/PROFIBUS repeater also for hazardous areas of Zone 1
  • Galvanically isolated bus segments for PROFIBUS-DP and PROFIBUS-IS
  • Availability of couplers for PROFIBUS-DP as well as for PROFIBUS-IS (intrinsically safe)


The PROFIBUS devices have been particularly dimensioned for the industrial requirements of hazardous areas of zone 1. They are used for the separation or generation of new segments, converting the RS485 typical line structure into an open and flexible tree structure. Downstream stations can be coupled to and de-coupled from the superior bus system in a non-reactive and break/short-circuit tolerant manner, even during running bus operation.The devices facilitate a duplication of the signal to realize a redundant connection to a master. The devices are available as PROFIBUS-DP and as PROFIBUS-IS (intrinsically safe).

Technical Data

Protection class Module: IP 66 EN/IEC 60529
Terminals: IP 20 EN/IEC 60529
Terminals with cover: IP 30 EN/IEC 60529
Structure Flameproof, clip-on enclosure for TH 35 rail
Dimensions (height x width x depth)
94 mm x 30 mm x 91 mm
94 mm x 75 mm x 91 mm
Material High-quality thermoplastic
Storage temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Weight Module width 30 mm: 180 g
Module width 75 mm: 250 g
Display LED green: Operational readiness
LED green/yellow: Bus activity
Voltage Supply voltage: DC 20 V to 30 V
Current max. 70 mA
Transmission rate Ex e:
Kbit/s- 4, 8/9, 6/19, 2/45, 45/93, 75/187, 5/250/375/500/750
Mbit/s- 1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0/6.0/12.0
Ex i:
Kbit/s- 4, 8/9, 6/19, 2/45, 45/93, 75/187, 5/250/375/500/750
Mbit/s- 1.0/1.5

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

Operating instruction

Data Sheets

Data Sheet – PROFIBUS-DP Coupler/PROFIBUS-DP Repeate