Point Sensor
  • Individual connection lengths with easy and quick installation
  • Series connection, up to 50 point sensors are possible
  • Can be combined with SCR sensor cable
  • Locating leaks possible


The point sensor is used to detect electrically conductive liquids such as water.
With this point sensor the location of the leak can be detected quickly.

Technical Data

Structure flat point sensor with cable gland and waterproof terminal area
IPX4/X7 (to immerse 1 m, max. 12 h)
Dimensions ∅ 80 mm x 26 mm height
Material Enclosure material PVC
Sensitivity Leakage alarm as of 3 mm water level
Connection Cable gland M 12 x 1.5 terminal area 3 to 6.5 mm
Terminal screws at the input and output

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

User manual PS

Data Sheets

Data Sheet PS