Point Sensor Oil
  • Fast detection of the leak location
  • Central and decentral voltage supply possible
  • Can be combined with sensor cable SCR and point sensor PS


The PSO+ point sensor and the PSO point sensor are used to detect electrically non-conductive liquids such as oil. The location of the leak can be detected quickly. Thanks to the special optics, the PSO+/PSO can operate reliably also when facing metallic surfaces (e.g. oil catch pan made of sheet steel). The integrated load relay can operate actuators, such as a check valve, directly on site.

A second change-over contact reports the circuit state to the monitoring electronics. The point sensor can be supplied centrally with DC 24 V via the signal cable. It is similarly possible to provide voltage decentrally by means of a commercially available plug-in power supply unit.

With its additional terminal block, the PSO+ can be combined with the SCR and PS sensors as needed. The monitoring electronics RLAnet, RDW03 and RDA01 as well as corresponding accessories (see catalogue) are also part of the BARTEC water detection system.

Technical Data

Protection class IP 65/67
Dimensions Ø 80 x 70 mm (D x H)
without cable glands
Material Enclosure: PVC, polysulfone
Screw feet: stainless steel (1.4301)/brass, nickel-plated
Display Internal
LED green: voltage ON
LED red: relay activated, no leak
Voltage DC 24 V ±10 %, 0,4 W

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

User manual PSO

Data Sheets

Data sheet PSO