RDA 01

Monitoring Electronics without locating
  • Rapid detection of leakages
  • Monitoring lengths up to 1000 m
  • Up to 50 point sensors
  • No system calibration required
  • Simple integration into the building surveillance
  • Can be combined with sensor cable and point sensor


The RDA monitoring electronics can be easily integrated into the building surveillance.

The system detects quickly and reliably even small quantities of liquid leaks. An optical and acoustic alarm signal is given. At the same time floating contacts are set for signals to the building services management and control tasks.

The messages are saved until the reset via a push button or voltage disconnection. If the leak continues, the messages are lighting up again. The max. monitoring length is 1000 m. Up to 50 point sensors can be installed.

Technical Data

Protection class IP 20
Structure latch-on enclosure for mounting rail TS 35
Dimensions 22.5 x 82 x 101 mm (W x H x D)
Sensitivity Self-monitoring
sensor rupture and power failure
Display optical: LED displays; operation/alarm/rupture
acoustic: piezoelectric buzzer
Keyboard reset button
Memory Alarm/rupture relay memory
Connection Inputs:
– Voltage supply
Type 2322: AC 230 V/50 to 60 Hz/2.4 VA
Type 2422: DC 24 V/0.6 W
– Sensor via two-wire lead (Sensor cable length: max. 1000 m)
– Point sensors: max. 50 pcs

– Group alarm relay, two change-over contacts
0.25 A at AC 230 V/1 A at DC 24 V

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

User manual RDA01

Data Sheets

Datasheet RDA01