Sensor Cable
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Highly flexible; supplied in running metres


The SCR sensor cable is used for detecting electrically conductive liquids such as water.
This sensor cable can detect the location of the leak precisely.
The SCR is a 4-core flexible round cable with protective braiding.

Technical Data

Structure Sensors: 2 x 0.25 mm²,
protected by partially permeable PTFE insulation
Colour: red, white
Rated resistance: 6 Ohm/m

Return conductor: 2 x 0.25 mm² with FEP
Colour: red, white

Protective braiding made of FEP
Colour: natural

Dimensions Cable diameter: 5 mm
Minimum bending radius: 6 x cable diameter

Manuals/Operating Instructions/Guides

  • User Manual SCR
  • Assembly Instructions SCR

Data Sheets

Datasheet SCR